Meet Salon Sloane's Blow Dry Extraordinaire Giovanni Di Gesu

Giovanni, our Italian stallion is known right-across Chelsea as one of the best blow drys in town. Lightening fast, Gio’s styled everyone from Adele to Princess Beatrice. He’s also prominent in major shows with events with like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show under his belt. When you meet Gio, you’ll realize pretty quickly he’s also the life of the party.

SS: You’re from Italy, and you had a pretty early start in hair?

Ha, yes, I started in Italy when I was 13. I later qualified at (Unione Artistica Acconciature Misti Italiani.)

SS: You’ve come pretty far since then, what are some highlights for you?

I really loved doing Kate Moss for Vogue UK. I was incredibly fortunate to work on The Victoria Secrets Show in Miami. Princess Beatrice of York and Adele are incredible too.

SS: You are the king of the Blow Dry, talk to me about the look in Blow drys at the moment.

The coolest, (and my favourite, thing to do) at the moment is a messy, beachy, bouncy Blow dry.

SS: When you’re not working, you are?

I like to go to the gym and I love shopping. I’m a big fan of films and fashion.

SS: What’s a tip we just can’t do without?

When creating a sexy wave, keep the end out of the tongs, wave it away from your face and use your fingers to drag through your hair so it's not too perfect.

SS: Thanks Gio.

Gio’s legendary blow-dry starts at just £55. You can see his full price-list here. If you’re ready to book, go here.