Meet Salon Sloane Extensions Specialist: Cinta Miller

Earlier this month extensions specialist Cinta Millar joined our team at Salon Sloane. Cinta is a hugely in-demand session stylist. When she’s not at Salon Sloane she’s styling serious hollywood a-listers, or traveling with dozens of household name musicians. 

Since kickstarting her career in Sloane Square almost 20 years ago, she has worked on editorials in magazines ranging from Elle to Marie Claire, and Hello. 

Cinta has worked alongside John Vial for successive men’s fashion weeks, and also styles key looks for award ceremonies from The Brits, to festival headliners at Glastonbury. Cinta is always on the go, splitting much of her time between London, L.A. and continental Europe. 


SS: You do a lot of creative, trend-setting looks from music to the catwalk. How do you know what’s coming next?

Cinta Miller: I have a HND in fashion studies so somehow I think it was s natural progression to merge my hairdressing skills and apply them into the fashion and creative industries.

SS: Why hairdressing? What makes you love it so much, and why have you been so successful?

Cinta Miller: I love that this industry brings the opportunity to travel and meet some of the most interesting people in the world. I love that it is also just very social. So when I am working 24/7 ( which yes, is common) I feel as if i’m still enjoying myself.

SS: You’re a session stylist yet you’re also the ‘go-to-girl’ for extensions. Why are extensions so important?

Cinta Miller: Extension work will always continue to fascinate me. A look can be dramatically changed within hours. Nowadays extensions aren’t just about length, they are about color, texture, and creating shape to create the perfect cut. 

SS: You already have a pretty packed schedule, why Salon Sloane?

Cinta Miller: Im so excited to be part of Salon Sloane. It feels great to be returning to my roots and seeing familiar faces as well. Then there’s being part of such a prestigious team that are causing so much noise in this industry.


Cinta's services start at £400 however prices obviously vary based on treatment. Book a consultation with Cinta by clicking here.