'Gothic Glamour': John Vial & Revlon Professional Join Forces with Gareth Pugh for London Fashion Week.

Revlon Professional Ambassador, and Salon Sloane Co-Founder John Vial teamed up with legendary London designer Gareth Pugh for what's being called Fierce and Fabulous Gothic Glamour, at this year's London Fashion Week.

The Pugh Show took centre-stage across dozens of fashion, politics, and pop-culture publications for its politically dissident themes, with the soundtrack eerily blaring “BUILD A WALL! BUILD A WALL!”, interspersed with spectral lullabies and Marilyn Manson.

John Vial said: 'The collaboration led by Gareth was all about intensely strong, fiercely independent women, the brief was for 'textured, sweaty, almost ratty' hair'.

Watch the show, and view its associated stills, and press coverage below.

Curing a Hair Hangover: Salon Sloane in the 'Evening Standard Magazine'.

With the New Year here, Salon Sloane's John Vial, teamed up with the Evening Standard Magazine, for some tips and tricks to keep your hair in top shape when you're out and about. See below for more details on Revlon's miracle Orofluido Elixir, and the root to tip benefits of a dry shampoo, or permanent blow-dry.

'Fringe Benefits' Salon Sloane in 'Hello!' Magazine

'From side-swept to full-on lash skimming, fringes are back and better than ever and there’s one to suit every face shape and age. Here’s how to get more bangs for your buck.' - Hello Magazine

ICYMI/ Just in time for the holidays, Salon Sloane's very own John Vial was featured in 'Hello!' magazine giving readers the fringe benefits of holiday bangs.

See the full article below, and set 2017 off with your very own bangs by scheduling an appointment with the Salon Sloane team right here.

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